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Housing Viability Assessment

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Viability Assessment

When considering the ability to deliver a development proposal in the UK, viability is and will always be a determining factor, a housing viability assessment can help determine the success of your proposal. In seeking to deliver high-quality sustainable development, there is a need to thoroughly consider the ability of a scheme to viably contribute to the local community and economy through Planning Obligations.

Using our detailed knowledge of the development market, costs associated with development and the need to apply a suitable margin, our team is able to provide comprehensive viability advice.

From initial development assessments, to the preparation of full Viability Assessments, we provide a full range of viability services, suited to every stage of the planning process.

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Viability Assessment Planning

For us the purpose of viability assessment planning is not solely about the provision of affordable housing, it can also bring together evidence to support a minimum site density, make the case for a specific tenure mix and back a particular design.

Negotiating Planning Obligations is central to the work we do on viability, ensuring that all the Obligations being sought, are reasonable, justified and in line with the relevant regulations. Working with Local Planning Authorities, we will seek early engagement in respect of Planning Obligations and give thorough consideration to the impact of such Obligations on the viability of a scheme.

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