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Tourism and Leisure Planning

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Leisure Development

Sustainable rural and urban tourism and leisure planning and development is an important part of a prosperous UK economy. From the development of chalet parks, to fitness and spa resorts, planning for high-quality facilities to serve an increasingly global society is essential.

Here at AMS we have an established reputation for providing imaginative, practical, and independent advice relating to a range of tourism and leisure matters. Our holistic approach to understanding the requirements of our clients, responding positively to opportunities, and delivering much needed tourism and leisure facilities is demonstrated in the success we have had as a practice.

Using the latest data and technology we are able to advise clients of the need for leisure development in any location across the United Kingdom, exploring the provision of similar facilities across localities and regions, ensuring that our clients are making effective decisions for their businesses and not seeking to deliver development in a location where there is no call for such facilities.

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Working with both public and private sector clients, our planning and leisure architecture team work to prepare first class designs and planning applications for the development of a range of leisure facilities, using all their knowledge to demonstrate the viability of the proposals to be put before a Council.

Increasingly, councils recognise the importance of planning for and protecting leisure and tourism facilities and our team at AMS can assist clients in promoting their proposed business ventures through the preparation of Local Plan’s. Whether by way of a simple call for sites form or indeed in the preparation of a bespoke vision document, our team ensures that the Council is presented with details of an attractive, sustainable, and viable development.

With our extensive experience in the sector we are further able to advise clients of potential sources of funding to support their business aspirations.

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