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Socio-Economic Appraisal

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Socio-Economic Development

National planning policies highlight a socio-economic appraisal as a key dimension to achieving sustainable development in the UK by emphasising the benefits of the development. Promoters and developers’, therefore, have an opportunity to assess and demonstrate the economic justification for the proposals against national, regional and local aspirations.

Despite the clear steer in national policy, the benefits of socio-economic development is often under-represented in planning applications, often merely with a couple paragraphs thrown together in a Planning Statement.

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Socio-Economic Statements

At AMS we firmly believe that every planning application can be improved by a thorough assessment of the socio-economic benefits associated with a development. As such we work with our clients to deliver bespoke socio-economic statements that consider the direct and indirect benefits associated with development. From the jobs created through the construction phase, to the increased local spending power of new residents, we use the latest data and sources to complete a comprehensive statement for submission as part of a planning application.

Using our expert knowledge and experience, we seek to use imaginative ways of presenting this data, ensuring that it has maximum effect and forms a significant part of any decisions being made. Our team are available to provide Expert Witness services and provide a detailed submission on the real socio-economic benefits associated with development.

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