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Residential development planning can be a difficult task, requiring the close monitoring of the national, regional and local policies. AMS provides a development consulting service throughout the UK. In a period of changing priorities and needs, the policies that govern us are often complex and we have the experience to help guide you through the process.

It is more important than ever that homeowners, landowners, and developers engage in the preparation of development plan documents. Our current system allows for frequent representations to be made to councils across the country, allowing individuals and groups to shape the policy that guides us.

As experienced planning consultants, we work with our clients to promote their land/property interests throughout the plan making process. From site submissions as part of a Call for Sites through to appearances at Local Plan Examinations in Public, our team use their extensive knowledge of planning policy to maximise the value of our client’s portfolio.

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Beyond the promotion of land, our residential developers are able to assist those wishing to make general comments on specific policies within a local or regional plan. Reviewing a plan in detail, our team will assess the policies contained within, against the test of soundness used to consider if a Local Plan should be adopted into policy.

With the Government having recognised that the current planning system is overly complicated, national policy and guidance is set to get a major refresh. The team at AMS eagerly await the proposed changes to national policy and can provide written representations on behalf of clients to future consultations, ensuring that the issues that matter most to our clients are addressed within the changes that the Government propose.

We keep our clients abreast of changes and can alert them to statutory changes as they are discussed, evolve and become policy.

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