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Planning Permission

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Residential Planning Permission

Navigating the complexities of the planning system and successfully achieving planning permission in the UK can often be a difficult and frustrating process without a planning permission consultant.

The AMS team has a demonstrated record of achieving good planning permissions for clients from a range of backgrounds. Our combined experience provides us with the knowledge required to ensure that all obstacles are overcome, and all boxes are ticked.

The Directors of the practice have over 30 year’s experience in all areas of the planning profession and we work hard to ensure that the residential planning permission we seek is workable, viable and deliverable. Careful consideration is given to ensuring that planning conditions and obligations are reasonable, necessary and justified and we will challenge anything that does not meet these three criteria.

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Planning Permission Advice

AMS offers planning permission advice for residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. More information on these services can be found on their respective pages. We work closely with our clients to ensure we fully understand their requirements in order to offer the best advice for their situation.

Achieving a suitable planning permission can often mean going the extra mile. This can mean appealing or challenging decisions made by councils where we believe an error has been made. In such situations we work with specialist co-consultants as required to provide evidence to an appeal, demonstrating why planning permission should be granted.

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