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The team at AMS are able to provide independent advice regarding planning classifications and act to advise our clients across the UK, if their proposals would fall under the remit of permitted development rights.

Depending on the ‘Use Class’ that applies to a property, it may be possible to change the use without the need for planning consent.

The 2020 Use Classes Order eradicates the requirement to obtain planning permission for a change of use between a range of commercial activities and introduces part-uses. It provides a genuine opportunity to use sites more flexibly. However, as with all things planning, understanding what falls within permitted development rights and what requires planning permission, can be tricky.

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Further to consultation with our clients, should it be deemed necessary to obtain change of use planning permission, our team is able to prepare and project manage any subsequent planning application, ensuring that our clients business needs are central to the work we do.

Our services cover a wide range of sectors including retail, agricultural, industrial and residential. With over 30 years of experience in the industry our team of dedicated experts can help determine whether you require planning permission and if you do, provide you with everything you need to get it approved.

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