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Residential Planning Applications

For many developers and homeowners throughout the UK, completing planning applications and gaining planning permission is one of the most frustrating elements of creating new residential development.

Developing an effective scheme that aligns with a client’s requirements, whilst also conforming with local and national policy, takes time, care and experience.

There are many elements to take into consideration when preparing a planning application, and often a simple omission can result in significant delays and additional costs.

On a daily basis, the team at AMS work on the preparation of multiple residential planning applications ranging in size, scale and design. From an assessment of the Council’s validation requirements, to instructing trusted co-consultants, we provide full project management services as required to get an application ready for submission.

A comprehensive understanding of national, regional and local planning policy ensures that we are able to advise our clients of the most appropriate planning strategy and timing of a residential planning application. Our pre-application assessments include 5-year housing land supply calculations, assessment of a Council’s housing trajectory and a review of policy compliant development opportunities.

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Planning Permission Application

Our team will work with and co-ordinate the technical reports that are required as part of a planning permission application. Such reports can include, Transport Assessments, Flood Risk and Drainage Assessments, Heritage Statements, Preliminary Ecological Surveys and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments. Our project management experience ensures that co-consultants produce high-quality reports within an appropriate time frame, all assisting to ensure that a planning application can be submitted with all the information required for validation and determination.

For larger proposals, community engagement is key to informing the design and feel of residential developments. Working with local residents and seeking comments from interested parties, we ensure that the proposed development meets the needs of the local community it will serve. AMS often undertake public consultation processes ahead of application submission to ensure the proposals we submit are well informed. We work to ensure that any comments received are directed at the planning consultancy, removing the need for clients to address the concerns of the local community.

Once submitted, we work with local planning authorities to provide any additional information that is required to allow the application to be determined. Where possible we try to ensure that an application is determined within the statutory time period and will consider appealing a submission on grounds of non-determination should the Council fail to determine an application within the statutory period.

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