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Planning Appeals

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Planning Appeal Guidance

If you have had a planning application refused by a local planning authority, AMS work with planning appeals for clients throughout the UK, we can advise you if it is appropriate to submit a planning appeal and can then help you submit an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. We provide planning appeal guidance for clients on all types of appeals including householder and written representations, informal hearings and public inquiries.

We will consider all options available and provide thoughts in respect of the likelihood of success. Should the decision be taken to appeal, we will work to present a case that has been researched thoroughly and draws upon all our knowledge of the planning system.

Our team is able to advise you of your options in respect of appealing a refusal, appealing against a condition or indeed against non-determination and will provide details of the timeframe in which an appeal must be submitted.

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PlanningAppeal Process

Submitting a planning appeal can be a daunting task, below we have detailed what you can expect throughout the planning appeal process.

Written Representations represent the quickest appeal method. The appellant (applicant and/or planning consultant) and the Council prepare written statements for the Planning Inspectorate to consider. A Planning Inspector will visit the site and then issue a decision.

Informal Hearing involves a discussion of the planning issues involved between the Council and the appellant which is led by the Planning Inspector.

With Public Inquiries, each side presents its case verbally before an Inspector and the witnesses for each side can be cross-examined by the opposing parties. This is usually a more lengthy and expensive procedure as it normally involves professional representation and complex arguments.

A householder appeal has to be submitted within strict timescales. The short timeframes associated with a householder appeal can often seem daunting for those who do not come from a planning background.

With the exception of advertisement and lawful development certificate applications, the time period for all other types of application appeals is 6 months from the date of decision or 6 months from the expiry of the period which the LPA had to determine the application.

Advertisement applications have a time period of 8 weeks and lawful development certificate applications have no time limit. The team at AMS are able to provide further guidance on the timing of an appeal submission.

Our expert AMS team have a demonstrated background in supporting applications through the appeals process. From providing guidance on the most appropriate time to submit an appeal, to acting as expert witnesses at Public Inquiries, our team is available to provide assistance to our clients. For more information on the process please complete the short form below.

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