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Housing Policy Analysis

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Comprehensive Policy Analysis

With national and local policy forming the basis upon which planning applications are decided, it is essential to have a housing policy analysis to provide a comprehensive understanding of the policies relevant to each proposal. Analysis and review of adopted policies ensures that proposals come forward that conform with national and local aspirations and guidance, delivering the growth required by each community.

AMS monitors the Local Plan progress of each Local Planning authority across the UK and is able to advise clients of emerging policies, opportunities that might arise by virtue of a Plan being out of date, along with an assessment of likely future housing need.

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Sustainable Development

In order to ensure that future policies are appropriate and will allow for sustainable development opportunities to come forward, it is necessary to have due regard to emerging Local Plans and the policies contained within them. Our team at AMS have a demonstrated record of producing representations to Local Plan consultations and appearances at Local Plan Examinations in Public. We are committed to ensuring that the Council seeks to adopt policies which can be consistently applied, are in conformity with national policy and allow for sufficient flexibility in the event that local circumstances change.

Working with our clients, we offer bespoke representation services in response to national policy, regional policy, local policy and neighbourhood policy.

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