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GIS Mapping

Without GIS mapping, many of the planning policies which guide development in an area, are simply meaningless. As a leading GIS consultant in the UK, AMS understands that the area to which a policy applies, or an area subject to a planning constraint defines every decision you make.

Geographical Information Systems allow us to display a vast array of relevant information in one central location. From Green Belt, to flooding or housing allocations, the data we require can be overlayed on one map and provide an invaluable tool to be used at every stage of the planning process.

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GIS Environmental Consultants

With a vast repository of open source and public data, our GIS environmental consultants are able to provide bespoke maps, visually displaying a range of data that is relevant to each client. This allows us to make quick and consistent decisions on matters ranging from development potential to the impact of a development on climate change.

Beyond the displaying of planning constraints, the use of GIS also allows us to piece together economic, environmental and social arguments. Displaying demographic information such as age structures can help us make decisions about the best locations for facilities suitable for an aging population, or the areas most in need of educational facilities. Working with our clients and using the latest technology, we can bring to life the data that represents society and use it to support the planning arguments we are putting forward.

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