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Geographic Information System

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GIS Service

Recognising the value of embracing a Geographic Information System not only allows us to make use of the latest available information, displayed in a meaningful way, but also presents the opportunity for us to view multiple sources of information in one central location.

When assessing the development potential of a site, there are a number of planning constraints that need to be considered and for the main part, this involves accessing multiple resources. The team at AMS are committed to our GIS service, using the latest technology and data to pull together a variety of planning constraints into one central location. By overlaying multiple sources of information, we are able to ensure accuracy and consistency in our decision making and further, we are able to make complex assessments in shorter time frames than would have previously been possible.

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GIS Specialists

The web application below displays some of the available data and can be used as a starting point for considering development potential. Green Belt, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks are all displayed on the application. These datasets would normally be available from multiple sources and would generally be displayed on separate mapping applications.

With a repository of open data and publicly available data, our GIS specialists are able to quickly produce bespoke maps similar to the above, containing all the data required by our clients to assist them with the planning decisions they make daily.

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