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Economic Development Consulting

The economic impacts and benefits associated with development is often poorly represented in planning applications. As a leading development economics consultancy in the UK we understand the economic implications of development allowing us to make better decisions. It is essential that those making planning decisions are fully aware of the impact the development will have economically and that is where we come in.

From producing socio-economic reports, to undertaking viability work and preparing economic impact assessments, our economic development consulting team work closely with our clients to explore the benefits of their development.

With experience of working with private sector and local and national Government agencies, we can advise our clients on funding opportunities and put together comprehensive applications for such funding, managing the process from inception to delivery.

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Economic Development Specialist

Financial negotiations, including CIL and Section 106 Obligations, can often be the difference between a viable and unviable development proposal. Working with our clients and the Local Planning Authority, the AMS team will ensure that the contributions being sought are reasonable, justified and deliverable, providing viability evidence where necessary.

Understanding the wider context, including environmental and social aspects, further allows us to provide comprehensive advice and services that ensure complex projects work in practice and are not simply focussed on the economic dimension of planning. Complete the short form below to discuss your requirements with one of our economic development specialists.

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