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Covering all commercial and business uses including changes of use, extensions and new builds, our expert team can assist with commercial planning applications for sites across the UK that require B2 and B8 commercial development along with those falling under use class E.

AMS are experienced in producing bespoke research projects investigating the scale and type of commercial development required within a local authority. By assessing Council economic evidence, we are able to provide clients with a detailed analysis that considers the likely success of a planning application. We aim to take into consideration a range of factors including the digital revolution and changing trends in employment and employment space needs.

Undertaking a comprehensive review of national, regional and local policy ensures that we can apply the most appropriate planning strategy on a project by project basis. We continuously monitor a range of local planning authority policy updates to maintain our broad geographical knowledge base and ensure we are in the best position to advise on completing planning application forms all over the country.

Working in partnership with local planning authorities and our clients, we develop proposals that meet the needs of local businesses and local economies, delivering high-quality space for people to work in.

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Our team offers comprehensive project management services and are experienced in instructing trusted co-consultants to prepare technical reports to sit alongside an application. Throughout the planning application process we work to ensure that all technical reports are accurate, reliable and produced within an agreed timeframe.

Community engagement is a key component of preparing a planning application for commercial development. By engaging the local community, AMS are able to ensure that local needs and preferences form part of any proposals to be put before local planning authorities. Demonstrating that the local community have actively engaged in the pre-submission stage can often assist Council’s in determining planning applications, improving the probability of achieving a planning permission.

Once an application is submitted, we work with local planning authorities to ensure that they have all of the information required to bring the application to determination. We engage with statutory bodies as required to ensure that any planning permission is viable with careful consideration being given to the planning conditions and obligations that the Council are seeking to agree.

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry so if you would like advice on your commercial planning applications please complete the short form below and we will get back to you.

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