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 Born in the summer of '73, the youngest of five children, I was raised in West London. Dad was a Barrister and Mum worked at the Law Society; my parents had intended me to go into the legal profession. Boasting a quick tongue with an eloquent vocabulary, advocacy did have its draw, but so did the pencil.

From a young age, my propensity for the creative expression was, I am told, without end. Weather it was drawing, painting, clay, Lego, or Air fix models, that's where you would find me at my happiest. Creative thinking, or 'Day dreaming' as my dad would say, was my world! The youngest of five, with an age spread of over 14 years between myself and my eldest sibling; 7 years to my nearest sibling; I often entertained myself, nurturing that creative mind.

Fast forward to my late teens, specifically my A-Level finals, when I was first introduced to the formal world of Architecture.Creative solutions in the built form were an immediate attraction, a passion spanning over 20 years as a qualified Architect.

Over my 20-year career, I've had the opportunity to have worked with some world class design teams and inspiring Clients. My design experience has allowed me to work within traditional design sectors of Residential, Commercial Leisure and Hotels. I have also been fortunate to have designed R&D Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Facilities and Secure Mental Healthcare Hospitals.

While my design experience is varied, the common thread of innovative design solutions, often exceeding the expectations of both client and users, are a key feature of my work.

With my appointment at AMS Planning, Architecture and Development this month, I look forward to working with our talented team on the numerous Projects scheduled for 2022.

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