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Agricultural Planning Applications

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With many years of experience working throughout the UK, our team at AMS are able to assist with a range of agricultural planning applications including farm diversification, rural workers accommodation and leisure facilities.

Completing a full planning application is often a long and frustrating process. We are able to help you navigate these complexities and prepare high-quality planning applications, maximising the chance of you achieving the planning permission you require to help grow your business.

The AMS team is here to assist with all stages of the application process, from site appraisals, policy appraisals and drafting reports to viability assessments and project management. Detailed research ensures that we provide the Council with all of the information that they require to positively determine an application and we are proud of our strong record of delivery.

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Agricultural Planningand Development

Starting with the Council’s validation requirements, we offer full project management for our agricultural planning and development services including the instructing of specialist co-consultants, coordination of technical reports and compressive review of all application material. We work to provide regular updates to our clients, ensuring that they are briefed at every stage of the process.

Some of the planning applications we submit benefit from pre-application community consultation. The team at AMS prepare and distribute consultation material, including leaflets setting out the development proposals. We ensure that all comments are directed at us, ensuring that the process is as stress free as possible for our clients.

Once an application is submitted, the team at AMS work with the local planning authority to address any issues that might arise, including comments raised by statutory consultees, providing any additional information required.

Whilst the priority is to achieve a planning permission for our clients, we seek determination in a timely manner, pushing the Council to make a decision in the statutory time frames set out in national policy.

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