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Agriculture as an industry is constantly changing as we face new challenges and as such farms need to expand requiring careful agricultural building planning. Now, more than ever, the sector plays a significant role in the UK economy and ensures that within new political climates, people are never left without food on their plates.

When it comes to planning for the future, even the most basic of proposals to provide new buildings or simple improvement works on a farm are subject to the complexities of our planning system. More complicated proposals including diversification projects, new agricultural workers dwellings and new commercial uses are simply fraught with complications.

AMS’s agricultural planning consultants have vast experience of delivering tailored advice on what is required by the planning system to allow a business to grow.

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We are highly successful in obtaining agricultural planning permission for a wide range of proposals and seek to work with our clients to deliver sustainable and valuable development.

Engagement with the local planning authority allows us to determine the scale of development acceptable, ensuring that the subsequent planning application process is quick and results in a viable planning permission that supports the natural growth of a farming or agricultural business.

Offering full project management services, our team work collaboratively with specialists from a range of fields to ensure that all the technical details required are provided as part of the planning application, ensuring that the process is as smooth and stress free as it can be.

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