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Affordable Housing

An affordable housing viability assessment is a key component of residential development within the UK and is especially a factor to be considered in larger residential and mix-used proposals. On occasion however, the provision of a policy compliant level of affordable housing can simply render an otherwise sustainable proposal unviable.

Helping our clients ascertain the viability of their proposal is central to the work that the AMS team do and in line with policy and guidance from Central Government, where it can be demonstrate that providing a specific level of affordable housing would lead to unviability, we work with our clients to produce evidence to this effect for presentation to the Local Planning Authority and seek a reduction in the level of affordable housing required.

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Affordable Housing Statements

From producing Affordable Housing Statements to providing expert testimony at Planning Appeal, our specialist knowledge and experience allows us to present a comprehensive viability argument on behalf of our clients whilst respecting the chronic need for affordable housing delivery nationally.

Additionally, our in-house Architects will work to optimise value through the design process, ensuring maximum value is achieved on site further to any decision on the provision of affordable housing. Please complete the short form below to discuss your project with one of our experts.

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