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5-Year Housing Land Supply

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Land Supply Analysis

Understanding a Council’s 5-year housing land supply position, remains a very powerful mechanism for assessing the development potential of land across the UK. With Council’s required to maintain a 5-year supply of housing land at all times, critiquing a Council’s latest claimed position can prove incredibly valuable. Council’s who fail to demonstrate the required supply, are considered vulnerable to speculative planning applications, and so the benefits associated with understanding the most up-to-date position cannot be underestimated.

The team at AMS are experts in calculating 5-year housing land supply. Starting with a Council’s trajectory and critiquing the sites considered deliverable in the coming years, before moving on to assess the lead in rates and build out rates assumed by the Council, acts as the basis for our housing land supply analysis. We work closely with our clients to determine the most appropriate way of presenting our research, from producing bespoke reports to map-based infographics, we use the latest technology to ensure that our findings are presented in a way that will be easy to access for all.

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Development Appraisals

With demonstrated experience in providing 5-year housing land supply evidence to support initial development appraisals all the way through to Planning Appeals, our team can assist at all stages of the planning process and we are proud of our ability to help our clients make the correct decisions, based on the most appropriate evidence.

To discuss how we can help you plan and asses your 5-year housing land supply please complete the short form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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